Introduction: Portable Ski Boot Dryer (battery/mains)

The aim of this project was to create a portable ski boot dryer that would keep my new ski boots fresh. I had a few requirements though, firstly it has to be portable enough to take on holiday, it also needed to be very quiet and be able to run off mains power or a portable battery pack. It also needed to dry without heat for safety and to prevent my head moulded liner from being de-customised.

I took inspiration for this project from other instructables including the one by josefski ( and others.


You will need:
A pair of 5 watt USB cooling fans. I bought 60mm ones from here Coolerguys Dual 60x60x25mm USB Fan Set

40mm waste pipe tube

2 right angle 40mm connectors.

2 toilet roll tubes.

Duck tape.

A usb plug and/or a portable usb charger.

Step 1: Cut Tubes to Size.

Cut 2 26cm lengths of 40mm waste pipe.

File ends for a smooth finish.

Step 2: Create Fan Mount.

Cut 4 slots in a toilet roll tube and attach each of the 4 pieces to each side of the fan with duck tape. Use more duck tape to cover holes and reinforce the structure. Make sure the wire to the usb plug remains free.

Step 3: Mount Fan Onto Tube.

Cut two slots in the bottom of the loo roll tube to tuck one side slightly inside the other.

This will make the bottom of the loo roll tapered and enable it to fit snugly into one end of the 40mm pipe.

Once it’s pushed into place secure it with duck tape.

Finally push a right angled connector onto the other end of the pipe.

Step 4: Pug in and Go.

Finally plug the usb end of the cooling fans into a usb plug or battery pack then the fans will operate. Put the tubes into the boots you want to dry with the open end of the connector pointing towards the toes.

Depending on which way you mounted the fan there will be air either drawn into the boot or pushed out (see photos). I have personally done one of each and so far in limited testing I’ve been unable to notice if one method has a benefit over the other. I did test this on my work boots and found this system got very damp boots dry in less than 2 hours.

I will keep testing and update this with any final adjustments.