Introduction: Portable Skype Phone

how to make a portable skype phone from an old cordless phone.
You need an old cordless phone. (one that you dont care about.. because you might break it) try and get one that has an "intercom" because they are much easier..

IMPORTANT- unplug this from your phoneline.. you dont want your telephone company after you.. also you can get a nasty shock.. when the phone rings.. a 110v signal passes through your phone line..

Step 1: Open Her Up..

remove all of the screws. try not to loose too many of them..

Step 2: Have a Look Around

look around for any labeling that might help you. My phone had some labels.

If you have a phone that had an intercom- there will be a microphone and speaker wired into the cicuit board.. you can snip and strip these wires and go onto the next step.

If you didnt have an intercom.. youre going to have to guess and check.. i used a cd player to put sound signals into various places to find an input.. and listen on the cordless part.. (you have to press "phone" or "on" or whatever on the phone) then do the same thing with some battery powered speakers (or maybe headphones) to find the output. If something gets hot, then find a new spot.

Step 3: Sabotage Some Headphones.

you need two miniplug cords for this- i used ipod headphone cords because they look really nice.. but they were a pain to use and solder to, becasue they are insulated with some kind of lacquer. you need to use sandpaper to remove it or annihilate it with the soldering iron and tin it.

Then solder the cords to the places that you found inputs and outputs. (or the wires to the speaker and mic if you had an intercom)

you may want to try this with crocodile clips first.. becasue i found that i could only attach 3 wires.. if i grounded it twice with the 4th.. my sound card got angry.. again- guess and check, sorry!

Step 4: Test It

plug it into your computer.. dont blame me if it goes up in smoke.. (try it on an older one first maybe) but it shouldn't if you checked it with your walkman and speakers. (make sure that you plug the right cord into output, and the right cord into input.. )

You can use skype test call, or windows sound recorder if you're on a PC.

try adjusting your sound.. i turned WAV way down for better sound quality.

again you sound card might only want you to have 3 wires connected.. so try that out, and switch them around etc..

Step 5: Re-assembly

find some of those screws you lost and screw it back together. if you lost all of them- use glue or something.. chewing gum even.. it doesnt really matter..

feed the new wires through any available hole, or drill a new one.

if it all works, your done!.