Portable Solar Battery Bank

Introduction: Portable Solar Battery Bank

This is my first instructable, I built it before taking the pictures so I looked em up, My back yard is lit with led's, a car battery and 4 10w solar panels, its huge and ugly so I wandered if I can build a portable version for charging phones, a speaker or lights at the beach or camping.

Step 1: Materials

4X 6v 200ma solar panels
1X 12v battery
1X Charge controller
1X Battery Box

Step 2: Combine the Panels

Im putting the panels on the lid, if set them up as 12v, it doesnt do anything on cloudy days, I had alot of trial and error in this build, so I connected these panels in series (+ to -) so they can make 24v, its very low amps but it works on cloudy days

Step 3: Seal the Panels

I chose these panels cuz they fit perfectly, I sealed them around the edges with clear silicon to weather proof them.

Step 4: Lets Connect

sorry for this sloppy step, connect the controller to the panels, battery AND I put 2 female outlets (one to the battery, one to the controller)

Step 5: Why the Outlets?

the outlet connected to the controller is used for the lights since I set it up in "Dusk till Dawn", the other one I use as a bypass for emergency power and the Voltmeter.

Step 6: Its Done

the purpose of this build is that it doesn't require setting up, just place it in a sunny spot, need to charge something? open the cover, plug in your device, rain? the box is weather proof, since the cover has down facing vents, the inside doesnt heat up. well thats it, hope this proyect helps

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    5 years ago

    at least 3 solar panels you need,I think


    6 years ago

    i love this idea but how big are the solar panels and where can i get the


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! Your batter bank looks great. I hope we see more from you in the future!


    Reply 7 years ago

    thanks, gonna try to make an even smaller one.