Introduction: Portable Swing Project

As an task for school we had to make a swing, not just something you hang in your backyard and leave it. No, a portable swing you can take with you whenever you want and can hang on each one tree you'll see in a park. So another part was also make an instructable of the swing. I'll hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Materials We Need

So the first step is getting the right materials to start build the swing.

Material List

* Enough textile ( something you don't use anymore think green!, But if you're not sure lay the textile 4 time's on each other so you'll have a strong base and the textile will not tear if you'll sit on it ) [PICTURE 1]

* Wooden plank ( I used a MDF plank, 12mm, Again think green! but make sure it's strong enough ) [PICTURE 1]

* 2 carabinder [PICTURE 5]

* 4 cable holders [PICTURE 3]

* 2 metal loops [PICTURE 4]

* 2 pieces of a strap ( about 1,50 meters long ) [PICTURE 6]

* 1 polypropyleen rope ( about 20 meters long ), diameter 6mm - 10mm [PICTURE 2]

AND for making the swing it self we will need a sewing machine.

Step 2: Prepare the Swing for Sewing

Let's start building!

For this step you'll need the next materials :

* Textile

* Wooden plank ( MDF 12mm )

* Something to measure

* Some chalk

* some scissors

So the first thing to do is to put you're wooden plank on the needed textile and measure the length you want for you're swing. The Wooden plank that i used is a little bit more the a normal chair sitting length. You use your chalk to denote where you need to cut the textile.

Then, if you cut the piece of textile you needed you will fold it together 4 times, this will make a strong base so the textile will not tear if you sit on it.

Step 3: Sewing of the Swing Part 1

On this part you'll need the next materials:

* A sewing machine

* Some chalk ore thumb tacks

Now we will sew the length of the textile and make a bag so we can put the wooden plank in it later. Make sure the wooden plank will fit so be mindful. [ PICTURE 1 & 2]

Then we will put the wooden plank on the textile and measure the two end so they are the same. You can use you're chalk ore use some thumb tacks to denote the place you'll need to sew. this is for one side so we can put the wooden plank in the bag. [ PICTURE 2 & 3 ]

Step 4: Sewing the Swing Part 2

Materials needed:

* A sewing machine

Now we will put the wooden plank and put it in the bag, make sure you'll chamfer the contour of the plank because it can let you're textile tear when you swinging.

Now the wooden plank is in it's place we can sew it again so the wooden plank can't move anymore, you know if you want you can attach a zipper and after use you can pull of the textile and wash it. [PICTURE 1 & 2]

Then we will sew the last end so the swing is closed [PICTURE 3]

Step 5: Sewing the Swing Part 3

Materials needed:

* a knife ore scissors to cut the holes

* A sewing machine

The last thing we need to do is to put 4 holes in the ends, 2 on each side so we can put the rope to the holes.

Then if the holes are made we will sew them, on this part you must sew a few times so the holes are strong enough to hold a person also make sure you don't make the holes to big.

Now the swing is ready, up to the next part!

Step 6: Making of the Rope

For this part we'll need the next materials:

* 2 carabinders

* 2 metal loops

* 4 cable holders

* polypropyleen rope ( about 20 meters )

* 2 straps ( about 1,50 meters )

* A knife

* A spanner (13)

So the last thing to do before we can swing is making the rope.

its not difficult at all

we cut the long rope in half so we have 2 ropes of 10 meters.

then we make a loop en put the metal loop in it.

We attach the cable holders with the spanner.

do this once on each rope of 10 meters.

finish it with some tape on the ends.

Now take the straps and make a smal groove in it with the knife so we can put the straps in the groove.

Tadaaa, it's ready!

Step 7: How to Hang the Swing in the Tree

First we we will trow the rope over the tree, use the carabinders and the loop to trow this is enough weight so the rope will easily come down. [PICTURE 1]

Next, we will attach the 2 straps on the carabinder, and the carabinder on the rope if this is done you'll just need to pull the ropes and it will go up, DON'T forget the straps because this will help you to take the carabinder back down so you can detach the carabinder of the rope. [PICTURE 2,3 & 4]

Now the swing,

to attach the swing you'll will make a reef knot this knot is very simple and very safe to use. also you can choose the height of the swing for yourself. [PICTURE 5,6 & 7]

Picture how to make a reef knot [PICTURE 8]

Everything is done? Let's SWING! :)

Step 8: How to Use the Portable Swing

First you will twist the rope around the swing [PICTURE 1]

then you put the ends on the rope [PICTURE 2]

then you put the 2 straps through the holes [PICTURE 3]

take the straps en put them to the groof you'll made, and make a simple knot [PICTURE 4]

Now you can take it with you whenever you want and where you want [PICTURE 5]


Step 9: