Introduction: Portable Table Top Air Cooler

This is my first post in Instructables. This is one of the 3D printed portable air cooler. I done this because In some area huge electric power source problem and very difficult in summer without AC or fan .So you can use this wherever power problem, outdoor or on your small work station. It does not need AC input. So you can run with this anywhere with battery cell. or you can run this with PC, Laptop , usb hub or usb charger.

I have done this with step by step plan to reduce print wastage and confuse. I can't innovate but I can implement, so I referred the normal big traditional air cooler model and studied how it is working. Then I have started this with pencil sketch.

Step 1: STEP 1 – Draw Your Idea in Pencil Sketch

Step 2: STEP 2-Collection Required Material

I made a list whatever material required.
There are two part. One is cabinet .I did this with 3D print and I explained in 3rd step. Another one is electric part. Almost all material i collected from junk , bellow the materials list .

a) 120 mm fan from old CPU (For best result You can use 12 volt DC motor with high RPM )

b) 3 volt dc motor for water pump.( I used 3 volt dc motor with 3d printed water pump body,

It is little difficult to adjustment ,So for best result You can buy any 3 volt dc water pump)

c) Dc-Dc Power step up booster. I used 2 different voltage circuit. one for Fan and on for water

pump motor. ( It is very difficult to get material in my country. If u get LT1073 chip set You can do this circuit by manually).

d) DPDT Switch -2 (You can use any switch 2 way input to one output with off)

e) USB connecter -1

f) AA battery 4 cell adapter (I printed this. You can buy in market, but buy any slim design, because it should

fit inside front panel)

g) small pipe to connect water pump to ice tray

h) Necessary items like solder, lead and flux, single stand wire, millimeter ,small nut and bolts , glue ,knife etc

Step 3: STEP 3- 3D Printing Cabinet and Parts

Step 3 and 4 is very important. I have converted my plans to digital .Here measurement is very important because all electronics part and dc motor pump should fit in proper place also this is portable . I took all electronics parts measurement and i did 3d model. So I planned its height 9" width5.5" length 6".

See the pictures 3d model with 3D print.

Step 4: STEP 4-Connecting Wires

You need two different circuit connection ,refer the diagram

a)Input for Fan

3+ volt input managing by switch, it won't work at a time to avoid short circuit. Here two input and one output for DPDT switch. One input from battery cell and another input from USB. One output from switch to Dc step-up booster(XL6009 Adjustable DC-DC Step-up Boost). Check the input voltage in multi miter. And check output voltage from DC to Dc step-up booster. Adjust it to 12 volt and connect it to 12 volt DC fan.

b)Input for Pump motor

Here 1.4 volt from one battery cell. put any on-off switch in between and connect it to another DC to Dc step-up booster(.9volt to 5 volt booster). Same here, check input voltage .In this booster You can't adjust output and it will give 5.1 volt itself. Connect it to 3 volt Dc pump motor. This is only one common input for Pump motor. If you need fan mode off the switch and if you need cooler mode on the switch.

(For better control you can use Adriano Board to run 2 DC motor from single input.)

please take care and connect + to positive and - to negative avoid damage. Connect all wire and part. Check my connections in picture .

Step 5: STEP 5- Assemble Parts

Check images for assemble. It is very easy .You need to drill wherever tight with nut and bolt like Fan ,Switch panel, top cover etc. Connect water pump and motor in proper angle and height, tight with screw or glue to avoid vibration. Connect a small pipe from water pump to Ice tray. put a sponge to flow water from ice tray to bottom tank.

Step 6: STEP 5- Graphic

I created some graphic for glamor touch. Also it will nice if add some text, words. Then only it will look like completed output. I created bellow image and took sticker print.

WOW ! It is nice to see after added stickers . run cooler...Be...COOL. Thanks for Voting !!

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