Introduction: Portable Tailgating Speaker System!

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Build your own speaker system to "WOW" your audience! Bring to tailgates, hangouts, or use as an in-home speaker/subwoofer system for Fortnite or any other game! This Instructable will require some imagination since this can be built in any way your mind desires. I have a couple of completely different examples for ideas. I will go through the wiring, parts required, and any additional features that will make your speaker system more stunning for your audience! Although these parts are super loud, they don't even cost too much to purchase. I will also explore each box I have created in hopes to inspire and give out ideas. I was 16 when I built my first one so anyone from any age can build one and have a great time! These boxes can be either powered by an outlet or a 12v lawn mower battery for portable use. All but one box can be carried with one person and they also have wheels to roll them around.

I will add links to Amazon of each object I bought.

Step 1: Preperation

First of all, a good idea is planning out whether you want to build your own box or use one you already have. I have used old toy chests, old boxes, and have also created my own. You can also use a cooler which in the end can also hold your drinks while jamming out. Some things to consider is obviously space and all of the parts you want to add. Any LED's or phone chargers can also be counted in this process.

Step 2: The Orange Box

The orange box consists of 4 speakers, a radio, and a power supply, and a custom changing underglow programmed by an Arduino Nano with ws2812b lights. This old toy chest is powered by an old computer power supply that I tore apart. The power supply is the box with the yellow label on it. Others can also use a 120/220v AC to 12v DC adapter which I will link below. The power supply can use a range of voltages including 12v to power the radio and speakers as well as 5v to power the Arduino and the led underglow. The speakers are JBL GX962 speakers. However, I suggest buying cheaper considering it is $60 per speaker. They can reach 60 watts RMS or 120 peak. Considering this pounds everyone's hearts while they are out of the room is great! The radio is a Pioneer MVH-x370BT and is Bluetooth. It can also charge your phone while playing music. I have a voltmeter above the radio to measure the volts and power consumption.

The programming I have a black box with a switch to turn on the Arduino and 2 push buttons. One to change the LED's to 7 different solid colors and the other button creates a changing animation that can switch through 7 different flashing animations. I will upload the code with a description on how to wire the Arduino to the buttons and LED's

The total equates to:

Speakers: $240

Radio: $50

Power Supply: $20

OR Power Supply if you use Arduino/LED's too: $30

Arduino Nano: $8

WS2812b LED Lights: $21

Voltmeter: $2

Overall, around $250 this project can be made if you buy more efficient speakers.

A video of the orange box can be seen playing on youtube here

Step 3: The Spaceship Box

This box I designed myself and added fiberglass. I purchased MDF 1/2 wood from Menards or your local wood producer. Again, you can just use an old box instead of building one. I also built a little door at the bottom so I can access the amp, power supply, or speakers if needed. This box consists of two Skar Audio speakers which are about 150 watt RMS in power. One speaker is 8" and the other is 10". The amp is a kicker impulse which is too old to buy. However, there are better amps available for a cheaper price now. The amp is powered by 120/220v AC to 12v DC power supply so you can plug it into the wall. I cut a cable that had the 3 prong end that goes into outlets and wired it up to the power supply. There are warm LED's around the two speakers that flash to the beat of the music. I bought two cans of spray paint to paint the box. I covered it in black primer first then faded the top with a silver/metallic paint. For the audio, you need a 3.5mm jack to 2 RCA conversion cable which will be linked below. This box also has wheels to roll the box.

The total equates to:

Skar Audio FSX10": $30

Skar Audio FSX8": $25

Power Supply: $19

Kicker Impulse Amp: $50(too old to buy. You can get a better amp for $50)

LED Lights: $8(You can get any solid color for less than $10)

Car Bondo and Wood: $40 Spray paint: $8

In total, this project cost me about $180.

A video of the Spaceship box can be seen playing on youtube here

Step 4: The Party Box (The Loudest and Cheapest)

For the loudest box, these DS18 speakers are 400 watts RMS with an amplifier that outputs the same amount. I have played this before my high school football games and everyone goes wild. With a school of over 500 people per grade, we had a great time jamming out. This party box has phone chargers equipped with a voltmeter for the battery. The battery can last about 5 hours on medium volume but can always be improved with better 12v batteries. This box is capable of producing over 100db, which is equivalent to a jet taking off only 1,000 feet away. The Sign is a plexiglass sign that I engraved with a Dremel and wrapped blue LED's around and encased it. It turns on when the lid is opened because of a pushbutton on the top right on the lid. I engraved the plywood with a wood burner. The 1st switch is for the flash to the beat lights in front of the speakers and the second switch is for the underglow. I created my own speaker covers with fabric netting just to keep them from getting pierced or broke.

The total equates to:

DS-18 Speakers: $42 per speaker(I have 2)

Planet Audio AC1600.4 Anarchy Amp: $84

LED Voltmeter and Phone Charger: $15

Neon Lights: $9

8-Gauge Wiring Kit: $18

Mighty Max Battery: $37

Kinetik Battery(Better battery): $50

The overall pricing for this box was about $215. It is definitely worth the money!! Can be heard from over a football field away CLEARLY.

A video of the Party Box can be seen playing on youtube here

Step 5: Inhome Theater Tower

For this speaker tower, it consists of 4 speakers and one subwoofer. The top two speakers have tweeters for a higher pitch. With an addition of a subwoofer, the wide range would be great for a gaming system. Another box that I build which also plugs into a wall. I used an old Xbox 360 power cable to power this box. It once again converts the power from AC to DC 12 volts. The amp is a 5 channel amp which can power 4 speakers and one subwoofer. The subwoofer has its own compartment while the speakers and amp have their own. Finally, I added a lid to the project to access the speakers and amp. Around the sub, it also has warm LED lights that flash to the beat. Near the sub, there is a switch to turn the LED's and the sub on and off in case you don't want bass. Two of the speakers I tore out of a sound system and the other two were purchased on Amazon. The sub is a Skar audio subwoofer and can be pushed up to 150 watts RMS.

A video of the Speaker Tower can be seen playing on youtube here

Step 6: Arduino Nano Code and Sketch for Orange Box

Here is the sketch to the Arduino nano

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