Introduction: Portable Target Stand

Easy portable target stand.

Materials that I used:

8' - 2x4

5' - 3/4" strapping (I used 3 5/8" width)

8 - 2 1/2" drywall screw

12 - 6d 2" nails


1 - 30"x20" piece of cardboard

Staple gun and Staples

These are the materials I used. Most of which can be substituted for what is available to you (like the width of the strapping).

I provided a rough sketch as a guide. Also, this is my first instructable, please be gentle.

Step 1: Base Frame

Cut your 2x4 into four pieces.

2 - 21" "A"

2 - 26" "B"

Using the drywall screws, attach the "As" to the center of the "Bs". The space between the "As" should be the width of your strapping.

Step 2: Upper Frame

Cut the strapping into 5 pieces.

2 - 6' "C"

3 - 19 11/16" "D"

Using the 6d nails attach a "D" to the top of the two "Cs"

Attach the next "D" piece approximately 31 1/4" from the top.

Attach the last "D" approximately 3" from the bottom (this is just a support piece, distance is not really important).

Attach the cardboard over the smaller of the opening (this is used to attach targets to).

Slide the upper into the lower and your ready to train.


P.S. constructive criticism is welcome. If there is anything I can do to improve this please let me know.