Introduction: Portable Thought Bubble

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Ever want to know what your friends are thinking? What about the thoughts of cats and dogs and trees? They have to be thinking of something and now you have a chance to find out with the Portable Thought Bubble.

You've seen thought bubbles in action in comic strips and comic books and other comical environs, but now they can be anywhere you want them to be. So go and unleash the power of the mind.

Free the knowledge!

Step 1: Get Supplies

Get stuff!

The big thing here is the nice circular dry erase board. Thoughts are ephemerally effervescent things that need a home or it's just poof! My thoughts need roughly 10 inches or so so I bought a 11" board. You can even fit a couple thoughts in there if you're careful and efficient.

Of course the thoughts require ink to appear. Some recommend the condensed nature of your ancestors, but I prefer dry erase markers. These new ones even have a little afro/eraser on the tip. Is this new? It's not like I buy dry erase markers that often so maybe this is old news. I'm not that kinda guy, right?

Thoughts need some structure and either some scrap wire or clothes hangers will be good enough.

No structure is complete without the most powerful glue on the planet, duct tape.

To provide some direction for your thought finder you'll need a stick. I have some bamboo that I scavenged and it worked great.

Some electrical tape is a help, but this has no effect on the thoughts or their surprising effect on your unprepared psyche. Watch out, this is some serious Jungian stuff.

Step 2: Make Support Bubbles

Thought bubbles are strong on their own, but every good bubble can do with a couple of support bubbles. You're not gonna leave your thoughts on their on their own are you? What kind of a person would that make you?

I'd say a bad one.

So cut some smaller bubbles out of the white ether that floats through your home and fix them in place on a couple pieces of wire with that wondrous substance, duct tape.

If you want the bubbles to have some extra dignity, wrap some of the wire with electrical tape. It's so ninja-style with its blackness.

Step 3: Duct Tape Is Your Friend

Remember that duct tape stuff? Tear off a few strips and stick the, erm, stick onto it to make a stuck stick.

While you're at it, cover more of the back of the board with duct tape. This gives you more areas to place the thought bubbles as they will stick a little too well to the cardboard and you won't be able to reposition them.

Step 4: Attach Thought Bubbles

This is that whole moment where it all "comes together." But how does this magic happen? With hopes and dreams and thoughts of summers past?

No, it's more duct tape. Go at it.

Step 5: Record Those Thoughts!

Your tool is now ready. So go out and find out what people are thinking. Some people will eagerly display their mental inventory. Others have something to hide. Try and avoid these people as they are less fun.

You are now a thought hunter. You can even use caps and put it on a business card. You are a Thought Hunter!

Go and catch some thoughts!

Step 6: Say Stuff!

Thoughts are truly interesting, but sometimes your friends just won't sit there and think for you. No, they insist on saying stuff to you. It's totally rude because you're holding the camera and trying to get that perfect shot of them in their comfy work mode while they're just living life in their own way, but they just can't stop talking. It's a bastard thing. Maybe because they're from the east coast.

Don't these guys know that all we do on the west coast is chill? Dude, come on.

And what's with all the shouting? I'm like two feet from you. I can hear you.
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