Introduction: Portable USB Charger

well this is a DIY portable USB charger  for this you need  1    Female USB cord.    1   voltage  regulator 5V

wires, solder, a small  box , a switch , and a Hot glue gun.    1   LED  1   Resistor 220 ohms, and   two 100 ohms Resistors

Cut the USB cord you will see 4 wires ,one RED, one White/blue , one  Green/yellow, and one Black.

Place the Vol Reg facing you. the 1st leg from L to R  is input,  the middle is GND, and the last is 5V  out

lets call them A.B,C   from L to R
connect the battery  POS to  leg A. 
The Red Wire from the USB Goes to Leg C
The two remaining wires from the USB, Each gets  a 100 ohms Resistor ,  and  then connect to Leg C

The BLACK wire from the USB goes to Leg B  

The Red & Black wires from the Power supply  " 9 v Batt" Get  Connected to each terminal of the Switch.
The LED With the Resistor on the Shorter leg  goes to Ground. And the other Goes to Positive.

I made two of these. the 1st Did not worked  .arrrggggg
the Second did work  Yeah......
Question for anyone my 9 V battery gets very Hot  so hot that i had to pull the plug.  it gets hot while unit is off. any ideas
 Since posting this.. I have Removed the LED  Now   its  Connected Directly to the 5V Regulator.
And Guess What??? The battery Still Over Heating.......
I put a Diode Between The Power " Batt" and The Switch  on the + wire.
Battery  Still Heating Up.?????????????

Update I am No longer using this   its a small Paper Weight.