Introduction: Portable Ventilation Fan From Its Box!!!

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Hello! This project is originally my dad's idea. I really like how clever he is in turning its package to portable case. I want to share this with everyone. So I reassemble it again to show how he made it.

I suggest you watch the video to understand more about how it was made.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. Ventilation Fan (I used Panasonic FV-15WUT4)
  2. Its box
  3. Wire with switch, male plug, and wire connector
  4. Wire for making holder
  5. Electrical Tape

Step 2: Teardown

Remove ventilation fan's shutter.

Step 3: Prepare the Box

  1. Cut a circular hole on the top of the box with the same diameter as the diameter of the inner ventilation fan. (Don't discard the parts you cut off)
  2. Make small hole in the side of the box as wire hole.
  3. Fold top flaps back in to the box, then fold another flaps and turn it into isosceles triangle shape (see pictures)

Step 4: Fan Section

Put fan back in its spacer.

Step 5: Make Latches

Cut the circular paper into 2 halves. Bend each half and flatten it.

Step 6: Assembly#1

Put the wire through the hole made in previous step and the fan section into the box.

Step 7: Assembly#2

Fold top flaps inside and use latches to secure them.

Step 8: Making Holder

Make two holes at the top part and put the wire through them as a holder.

Step 9: Wiring

Connect wire from ventilating fan to extra wire and finish the job with electrical tape.

Step 10: One More Thing...

Done!!! You can carry it around and use it wherever you like. Hang it at the windows to vent air without hole the wall. Sometimes I use it as a personal fan : )

And don't forget to check out my dad's other ideas at this instructables.

  • Thank you to my sister who helped me write these instructions in English.
  • Thank you to my father who made this wonderful project.
  • Thank you for visiting.

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