Introduction: Portable White-cube Gallery Kunsthalle Linz

Below are few simple steps needed to convert a white IKEA DRÖNA box (or any other foldable box*) into a white-cube gallery Kunsthalle Linz.


  1. IKEA DRÖNA (or any other foldable box*)
  2. Plywood of 5-10mm thickness, 31.5x31.5 cm
  3. A3 white paper
  4. White semi-transparent fabric 31.5x31.5 cm
  5. 10x screws 2.5x10mm (PZ1)
  6. 60cm plastic angle 20x10mm
  7. 31.5x6 cm white PVC 5mm thickness with a logo (high-resolution file) printed on it
  8. 2x White LED Backlight Module - Large 45mm x 86mm
  9. USB LiPoly Charger - Single Cell
  10. Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 850mAh (or more)


  1. Soldering iron
  2. Shoe glue
  3. Screw driver (PZ1)
  4. Double-sided glued tape

* — if you use any other box you need to change the measurements of the components made to fit inside the box

Step 1: Unpack and Assemble Your Box

This DIY is based on IKEA box, but any other foldable white box would work, although you will have to work out other measurements yourself.

So first step is fairly straightforward — unpack and assemble your box.

Step 2: Cut Plywood for Gallery Floor

Now you have to cut plywood of 5-10mm thickness to the dimensions of the gallery floor: 31,5x31,5cm

Use a hand-saw or a jig-saw or any other wood-cutting equipment of your choice.

You would also need to cut a paper carpet for the floor dimensions would depend on the thickness of your plywood.

For 5mm plywood:

  • paper width: 31,5 + 2x0,5 = 32,5cm
  • length: 31,5 + 2x0,5 + 3 = 35,5cm

For 10mm plywood:

  • paper width: 31,5 + 2x1 = 33,5cm
  • length: 31,5 + 2x1 + 3 = 36,5cm

Step 3: Cut Paper and Glue It to Cover the Gallery Floor

Cut and glue paper to the plywood floor you cut in the previous step. In the drawing attached measurements are for 10mm thick plywood. Bend the marked stripes of paper around the plywood edges and glue them together.

Bend inward the last 1cm paper stripe on the overhanging side