Introduction: Portable Wii

Here is a weekend project to amp up your old Wii into something awesome and portable.

Step 1: Items Needed:

1. Original Wii

2. Easy Cap (or a different capture card)

3. Computer (used as the gaming screen)

5. Container to hold all (I used a stackon container I found at lowes)

Step 2: Preparing the Container

To do this you must cut holes on the side for the front of the Wii to enable access to the power button, disc slot, reset button, etc. Also you must drill a hole next to the Wii so you can feed the cables out of the box.

Step 3: Attaching Everything

To keep this as neat and as functional as possible i used Velcro to secure everything during travel.

Step 4: To Use

To use your creation:

1. Feed all the needed cables out through the hole

2. Plug in the Wii to an outlet

3. Plug Wii into TV or into capture card

4. Have fun wherever you go

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