Introduction: Portable Wireless Spy Cam!

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Want to have a portable wireless spy camera like in the movies? Of course you do!
I have always seen in movie's the spy pulls out a briefcase and they have wireless camera and screen to see it on. Well now you can make your own!

What you need:
 - Case of some sort
       I recommend a pelican case because of the durability and authenticity. I used a 1120 It fit everything pretty tight.

 - Wireless camera set 

 - Small Lcd screen 
     This is the cheapest one I could find.

 - 9 volt rechargeable battery 
     I used a rc car battery that was 9.6v its ok if its a little over 9v. 

 - Switch 

 - Tools 
   Wire strippers, wire cutters, screwdriver, ext....

 - Sandpaper or belt sander 
   Its very useful to have belt sander but if you don't its ok.

 - Misc 

Step 1: Wiring

The wiring diagram below shows how to hook up the power and video its pretty simple. Depending on the battery you are using you may need an adapter. You need to cut off the plug connector for the wireless camera receiver from the power supply. The Lcd screen should come with a plug that has stripped wires for power. You can use what ever switch you want I found one laying around and it already had the metal L bracket on it. To connect the wires together I used a terminal block but you could use wire nuts or just solder them together.   

Step 2: Layout

Now you need to figure out how you are going to lay everything out. Depending on the box you have it may be a different layout than me. When laying it all out you want to think of were you may need padding like for the antenna. switch height is another thing to think about. Battery position and if you want to use a divider like I did. Also think about the wires they take up more space than you think. Basically you want everything to stay where it is when you close the box so it wont move when being carried around.     

Step 3: Prep

Now that you have a layout planed out you want to prep for mounting everything. So if you are using a divider for the battery cut your wood or metal. For the Lcd screen there is a big lump that needs to be sanded down so it sits flush on the box lid. Also cut the plastic to that the wire is flush with the Lcd.   

Step 4: Glue Time!

Now you want to glue everything, I used hot glue and it worked perfect. So glue the screen to the lid and I glued the wire so it would stay in the corner. I recommend not gluing the receiver or foam but it's up to you. Glue down your terminal block if you used one. Glue your switch.     

Step 5: Done!

Now everything should be complete and you have a portable wireless spy camera. 

But that's not all now your camera needs a disguise. I was trying to find out who was eating the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the closet so I disguised the camera as a Jello box.  

Supply's needed:

 - Double sided tape 
 - Exacto knife
 - Tape
 - Jello box

Cut open edges of box to get the net shape.

Drill or cut hole in box for camera to see through.

Tape the camera in place. 

Use double sided tape to close box.

Plug in and hide it. 

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