Introduction: Portable Computer Server (gaming /router Etc.) Rev. 00

* disclaimer*  I SUCK AT SPELLING --__--
 also the mother board is on the wrong side when I noticed what i did wrong it was wayyy to late so flip the entire setup around.

also there is 120v in this project if you dont know what your doing ether dont do it or get some else to.... 

So I had this idea in the works for about a year ish and i was watching an episode of hak5 (episode 718)  and I just started building. the build time was about 2 days ish. not the most difficult thing but if your like me you always mess something up and change something to fix that witch is more risky. any how tools you will need:

soldering iron(dur)
solder (durdur)
wire striper 
heat shrink
safety goggles (Orly?)
dremel with cutting tool
electrical tape 
drill bits
rivet gun
glue gun
old computer case
dewalt case drill case 
tin snips
badass fan ( i used an old version of the rotron muffin MU2B1
computer power jack
power switch
cd/dvd/blueray? drive
hard drive
motherboard (Mini ATX or Mini ITX)
powersupply (smaller the better)
(edit) knife

ok lets move on

Step 1: Cut It Now I Say!!!!! ^.^

so cut the ribs out of the case first if you want any room to work with at any rate.
then get a crappy ass case that you dont care if you butcher it or not. ^.^ 
cut out the mother board backing and the card holding slots (im sorry i thought I got a pic of it but I didnt srry again you will see latter in a more complete picture)
now take said power supply and trace out what you need to hold the power supply and then some for a base to mount. cut it out with tin-snips (use safety goggles) when your happy mount it in place using rivets (drill first......dur) 
now back to the case dewalt case cut a hole for the cd/dvd/blueray?drive just so it can be remove and placed back in easily. now for the mount for the cd/dvd/blueray?drive and hard drive. Same idea as the powersupply mount but a little more complicated just look at the pic (there is more bending). then mount where it suggested 

next page i say

Step 2: My Computer Fan Is WAYYYY OP

so we take your fan (fun when there is ac involved no?) trace a hole on the inside to cut out.
then a small hole for the wire (also if you are using this fan cove the connections with glue or something so someone doesn't kill them selves) then if you are using this model of fan you will have to find a way to make the rivets work by removing marital from the corners (find another way its easer) once done open the case up its time to wire things XD
add the switch and plug to the back side of the case. now to show you how i would have wired it if i didn't fubar use the end of pc power cable and cut the support ribs so you can bend it how you want also be careful about how deep you cut or you will get the power cables and make this less then safe project even less safe
then run this to your power switch 

Step 3: Add the Motherboard Now

so yes you now see the board holder that i menchend earlier 
just use lots of glue from the BADASS GLUE GUN XD (or a glue gun..... I gess   -_- )

then once its all setup run it

any ides comments post em