Introduction: Portable Ipod Speaker With LEDS!!!

the fast and easy way to make a Portable ipod speaker

Step 1: Parts

you will need an Altoids tin, a set of head phone, leds, AAA batters,Wire,switch, and a small speaker.

Tool: soldering iron, E-tape, and glue gun

Step 2: Strip the Head Phones

Just cut them off so you can see the 2 different wires

Step 3: Make the Tin.

Step 4: The Speaker

the first thing you want to do is feed the cord through the side hole then to the speaker to be solder

Step 5: Now the Leds

first you will need about five leds in to a parallel circuit and fold then like in the picture.

Step 6: Connecting the Switch

to connecting the switch solder two wires like so then connect them to the batters (i used tape)

Step 7: Connecting the Leds

solder the 2 wires to the leds

Step 8: Put It in the Tin

Step 9: Finished!!!

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