Introduction: Portable Speakers / Speakers on Battery

Hi guys.
This is my first instructable. Enjoy!

So today I am gong to show you how to make from old pc speakers to speakers on battery.
It's pretty basic and I have a lot of pictures. ;)

Step 1: Items You Need

The tools you need:
-A cross screwdriver
-A 9v battery
-A 9v connection thing, see picture (don't know how to call it)
-A soldering iron (not nessecary)
-A hot glue gun (not nessecary)

Step 2: Open the Speaker

Now open the speaker using your cross screwdriver.

Step 3: Taking Apart

Now take the board what everything is connected to, and you will see a couple of wires: One for the otherspeakers, a pair for the wire of the speakers and one for electricity. Thats the one we need.
If you watch, u will see the electricity wires russing to the AC/DC adaptor, and then to your plug.

Then take your screwdriver, and screw the adaptor thing out.

Take your your pliers and cut the wires that are connected to the the two plastic tops.

Now turn your adaptor out and you'll see a sticker with the volt and the amp�re you need to use it.

Mine was: 9v and 0.6A.

Step 4: Connecting the Wires

Now cut the 2 wires that are leading to your electric board. Strip them.

Mostly, the left one (the first one) is + and the right one is -.
You also can check it using the volt meter.

Now mark your + and take the 9v connector, the red one is + and the black one is -.
Solder them together.

Then take some tape (I didn't find my electric tape, but duck tape will do the job ;) and wrap it around the place where the cables were soldered.

Step 5: Removing the Plug

Now we have to deal with that plug.
Its pretty simple.

Turn your speaker over.

Then take a nife or something and try to pop the plastic open that's holding the wire from the plug.

Step 6: Close It Up

Now attatch the battery to the 9v connector.

Use your hot glue gun if you want to make sure everything stays in place.

Then screw the top back on.

Step 7: Final

Your speakers are now officialy portable. Tough mine are to big :D.

Now show everybody your new portable speakers, and add a comment :)

Thank you for reading folks!