Introduction: Portable Squeegee

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If you drive then you have experienced a fogged side mirror. But what to do when driving? Do you push through, knowing that your next lane change may be your last or do you take a more proactive approach????

using nothing more than an old wiper blade, a used gift card and a Little hot glue your solution is at hand...

Step 1: Get Your Parts

An old wiper blade from your vehicle does not need to reside in a land fill. The parts can be re-used...
You will need an: old wiper blade
1 used gift card
hot glue gun
cutting tool

The anvil is not used during this instructable...

Step 2: Disassemble the Wiper

The wiper blade will usually slide out of one end of the holder. Theis can be accomplished by pulling it with moderate force.

You should be left with 4 parts, one rubber blade, 1 holder and 2 steel pieces whic do not rust(will be used in a different project.

The anvil is very photogenic...

Step 3: Cut and Assemble

Cut a section of the rubber wiper that is just a little longer than the gift card.

Insert one edge of the gift card into the slot on the side of the wiper that was previously used to hold it into the metal carrier.

Using the hot glue attach the rubber wiper to the edge of the gift card.

Step 4: Drive With Ease...

The squeegee is now ready for use while driving.

If you should find that your side mirrors are covered with mist while driving you can simply roll the window down and clear them with the squeegee to restore you visibility.

NOTE. Yes I know it is snow in April.. Welcome to Canada...

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