Portable Swing Cottenie

Introduction: Portable Swing Cottenie


My name is Thibaut Cottenie and I have made a portable swing for a school project. Its made out of MDF, textile and 2 ropes. I will describe how to make it in the next steps.


Step 1: The Seat

I started of with making a seat out of MDF. I sawed out a piece that was 55cm of lenght and 25 width. After this I measured 4 holes each on equal distance from the sides. I used a 12mm drill to make these holes because the rope has a 10mm diameter. Then I used a compas to add a radius to the corners of the seat. I made these fillets on the sanding belt.

After I've done all of these steps I used brown textile to cover the seat. It was very easy to fit the textile around the seat. I ecured the textile with screws underneath. After I've done this I cutted 4 holes in the textile to let the rope trough. I tie the rope with a double knot.

Step 2: The Rope

I dont use carabiner in my swing but I use it as a weight to throw my rope over the branch. I make a double knot as shown before but now i make this to attach my carabiner to the rope.

When the 2 ropes are thrown around the branch i can proceed with attaching the seat to the ropes.

Step 3: Ready to Swing

Now everything is ready to swing. I hope this instructable helps you and I wish you good luck if you try this at home.

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