Introduction: Portable / Flatpack Fire Basket


I am Aaron, Industrial Product design student at HOwest in Kortrijk, Belgium. For this assignment we had to make a Flat packed object of our choice.

In this instructable i will explain howto make this Flatpack/Portable firebasket.

Altough I must admit not having made everything myself since i dont have any welding skills and so on..

Step 1: Skills and Materials Needed

- Basic 3D Cad skills (i will include my Cad files )

- Acces to a Laser or plasmacutter for steel (or go to a company that has acces to one of the above)

- Acces to a press brake (this can be a manual one or an hydraulic one, i have used both)

- steel (stainless or normal , if you're not going to apply paint, use stainless.) mine was made of 1mm, but i would use 2mm if i did it again)

-Angle grinder (always useful)

-Welding equipment (or someon who can weld and has the equipment)

-Heat resistant paint, if you're not using stainless.

Step 2: CAD

Here are my Cad files of each part, i gave them to a company that lasered and bended the parts for me.

these are step files which you can import with your 3DCAD software.

The leg part is needed four times

Step 3: Lasering the Parts

Like I said before, this part wasn't done by me .

Step 4: Bending the Components

I had them bended by the company that lasered the parts for me.

But the bends could be done on a smaller brake press.

Also chances are, if you user thicker steel the wont be able to bend it all four times .

In that case you need to cut one side of and weld it back on later.

Step 5: Welding the Components

This part should be doable if you have some welding skills and equipment.

You need to close each square by welding the corners

Dont weld the components on eachother!

Step 6: Bending the Legs

The legs arent strong enough, so i put in two bends, one on each side. This added sufficient strenght.

You only have 5mm to bend on each side

Step 7: Grind the Bend Edges Off

by bending the legs they are only standing on two points from bending, use an angle grinder to fix this

Step 8: Paint!

Or don't paint, this part is entirely up to you, if you've used stainless , you dont need paint! If you like a rusty look, you don't need paint!

none of the above ? paint! (heat resistent paint, this kind of paint usually needs to be baced to cure it)

Step 9: Assembly

To assemble the firebasket:

1. Insert two oposite legs

2.lift it up and let it rest on those legs

3.add the two remaining legs


Step 10: Finished

Congratulations! You now have a portable/Flatpack firebasket!

Have a fire and enjoy!