Introduction: Portal 2 Wheatley Speaker!

About: i am a young maker who loves building diy electronics.

For years now I have been a huge portal fan, and I finally decided to build a speaker shaped like my favorite character ever, Wheatley. Basically, this project is a 3d printed Wheatley that can hold speakers on both sides. When painted, it looks really cool. you can also play Wheatley voice lines for a cool effect.

Step 1: Parts List!

• A speaker (wireless or AUX)

•3D printer.

•assorted spray paints and primer.

•soldering iron

•blue LED (optional)

•polymer glue

(AI personality core is also optional)

Step 2: Taking Apart the Speaker!

The next step is to open up your speaker and remove the circuit board and the speaker inside of it, then plug them in and make sure they still work after being removed. If this process requires cutting, then you may need to solder some pieces back together.

Step 3: 3D Printing the Body

I have designed a fairly simple and 3d printable Stl. file that can be downloaded here. print it at whatever size you wish and then make sure to hollow out where the hole is on the inside. There are also files for guards to make it more authentic. If you want extra Cave Johnson approval then you can also drill out a small hole where the eye is and install a small blue LED for the eye.

Step 4: Put It All Together!

Now you can assemble your Wheatley core and glue the speaker and board inside it. Once it holds plug it in and test it, but whatever you do, don't let it get mad with power! The result involves potatoes and crows and lots of non-cake activities. I would recommend customizing it and adding as much detail as you can. Any questions or comments you have can be left in the comments section and will be reviewed by the aperture science testing initiative. Good luck and make on! but remember, the cake is a lie!!