Introduction: Portal Themed Hole in One Game

This is my first instructable so bear with me if I make any mistakes. If you like it please vote. This is a once common game that not many people know of now. The objective is simple: to get the steel ball into the farthest hole as possible.

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1.What did you make?

I made a hole in one game with some scrap wood I had lying around for projects like this. It is played by moving the steel rods apart and allowing the ball to roll due to gravity. I used a couple different saws and a drill press to make this.

2. How did you make it?
I started this project after seeing one for the first time when a relative brought it over to our house. It was a simple enough idea so I decided to expand my skills working with wood. I made this with a little help from my grandpa since he is very good with wood working. I love the game Portal so I decided to base it off of it. Most are space or golf themed so I wanted to mix it up a bit. While making it I realized I did not have the proper tools to make everything easier so I had to improvise. 

3. Where did you make it?
I made this at home during my free time. I am currently taking an engineering course at school so this project allowed me to apply some skills I learned in a real life situation. 

4. What did you learn?
I learned a lot of little tricks and basic techniques to follow when crafting things with wood. Most of which I learned after looking back at everything I did. In the future I will use quick clamps on drill presses, be precise in measurements because it isn't like Minecraft or working with Legos, and to take my time. I am most proud in completing the project. I usually start something then soon give up because I do not have the time or motivation to do so. If I could go back and redo it, I would check that I had the proper tools, better paint, and stencils for all the details. 

Step 1: Gather Materials

First things first, gather everything
3/4" wood
5/16" Steel Rods x2
1 1/4" Steel Ball
#8 1 1/2" Screws x 4 
White, blue, and orange paint
Empty 120oz. soda can 
#8 Washers x 4
Photo Paper

Table saw
Drill Press
Radial Arm Saw
Various drill bits (I'll list them as I go)
Tin snips
Paint brushes
Orbital sander
Hand/palm router
Hand drill

Step 2: Sand Everything Down

Step 3: Cut the Wood

You will need to cut one 7.5" x 4" piece, one 18" x 3" and one 2"x 1/4" piece. 

If you want to paint it then you will need to sand it again afterward with a higher grit.

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

This is step will vary for a lot of people. It all depends what drill bits you have on hand or how much money you are willing to spend on it. I drilled the holes with a 1 3/4" Bi-Metal bit then routed them out with the hand router. If you have a Forstner bit it will make everything easier. Unfortunately my router broke right after I finished cleaning the holes. You will need 6 holes. Starting at the end measure off every 2 7/16" down the center (1 1/2"). Each hole is drilled 1/4" deep.

Step 5: Cut Out the Slot

Next we need to cut out the slot for the metal rods to rest. The top line of the slot is 5/8" from the top, and the ends are 3/4" from the edges. The slots are 3/8" wide. To get the round edges on the slots use a 3/8" bit. To cut out the slot you can use the hand router or a 3/8" Mortising drill bit attachment. To use the Mortising drill bit create a jig as pictured. After cutting it out I used a file to even everything. 
Note: Keep a steady hand as mine slipped when using the 3/8" drill bit for the rounded ends.

Step 6: Preparing the Metal Rods

Next we need to prepare the metal rods. Drill a 3/16" hole 1/4" from the end. File the top of the rod where you will drill the hole. This will create a flat surface to drill on which will make it much more easier. Afterwards use the hack saw and cut them down to 20 1/2". Then trim down a scrap piece to 2" for the stop for the ball. We cut a jig to lay the rods in so they didn't roll. Also my grandpa drilled this one while I took the picture (not my hand haha).

Step 7: Drilling More Holes

The last wooden piece that needs to be drilled is the smallest piece. Two 1/8" holes will go 9/16" in and 3/8" from the top. A 5/16" hole will be drilled 1" in and 3/4" down. Center the block on top of the end (the end with a lot of extra space) of the 18" piece then drill all the holes deep enough to firmly secure the two pieces. Drill two 1/8" holes near the bottom of the 7" inch piece and into the opposite end of the 18" board deep enough to firmly secure them. We used a hand drill for this.

Step 8: Painting and Decals

The last step before assembly. This is optionally if you don't want it to be Portal themed but you will need to paint/ etch/ glue on numbers 1-6 on the board. I spray painted the all the pieces matte white. Then I painted the insides of the holes black and the outside orange or blue for the portals. This is where the soda can top comes into play. Unless you have a stencil of some sort you will need something to trace. The top ring of the soda gives the perfect width for the colored circles around the holes. i did  rough freehand strokes then used the can to know what to cover up with white paint. The dimple where the tab was is the center of the can so line it up with the center mark of the holes.
After the paint drys print out any Aperature Science logos and stuff to glue on. Use Word to size the pictures. I thought I resized mine correctly but they were still too big, but you get the idea. I also painted the screws and washers black. The font i used for the numbers is a clone of the Portal font called DIN 1451.

Step 9: Assembly

The last and final step: putting it all together. Screw and attach all the pieces. Insert the small steel rod into the hole and give it a few taps with a hammer. 
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