Introduction: Portal/Rickroll Cake

Every year I make a birthday cake for my wonderfully geeky boyfriend. The past two years I made him a Cthulhu themed cake, so this year it was time for something different. His birthday fell on D&D night, so the whole geek crew would be gathered together. The crew has been bitten by the Ric Astley bug, and so it seemed fitting that I should Rickroll them all.

For this cake you will need:
One cake mix
Two nine inch round pans
Something for between the layers
A bunch of frosting ( I made 2.5 batches)
Tips for frosting the Rick cake (some simple round tips will do)
A Hat box large enough to fit over your cake ( I got a plain brown one from a craft store)
Whipped Cream
A single candle

Step 1: Make the Real Cake

Make the cake in two nine inch round pans, bake as per instructions on the recipe or box you are using and let cool. Cut the layers so they are flat and even, and save the pieces you cut off. Fill it and frost it with plain white frosting. Make sure to put it on a plate large enough to hold your hat box.

Step 2: Draw Rick

I found a photo still from the video and traced the outline so I had a starting point. I chose the shot with him in a black and white shirt because it meant I had to make less colors of frosting. I was on a time crunch.

I freehanded the outline with a toothpick and then filled in the colors.

Step 3: Finish Real Cake

Once Rick was on the cake I added the famous lyrics and some killer sprinkles I found on sale that screamed "80's!!"

Step 4: Make the Cake That Is a Lie.

Take your hat box and place over the cake. I cut an inch off the bottom of mine to make it more cake sized, and it still was so huge I couldn't believe people fell for it. You may want to cut yours down to a more reasonable size. I smashes the edges a bit with the back of a knife to make it look less perfect.
I frosted it and as I did I wiped my knife over the cake bits I cut off earlier. This left crumbs in the frosting, again diverting suspicion from my large perfectly level cake.
chop the chocolate and placed it on top. Since my hat box was still so large I ran out of chocolate, which is why only the top is done. Decorate the top, and stick in a candle.

Step 5: The Reveal

Let someone volunteer to cut the cake and rush to a computer to cue up the "Never Gonna Give You Up" MP3. The person with the knife will quickly realize that something is wrong. In my case, as everyone was urging him to hurry up and cut the cake already I ran in and grabbed the hat box and pulled it off. They all looked horrified as I seemed to destroy the cake. Then the wave of recognition washed over all their faces as they realized that the cake had been a lie and they had just been rickrolled... by a cake.

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