Introduction: Portfolio Rear Rack Bike Hack

I go to an art school and have to carry papers that are sometimes as large as 36" x 24." This is just a moderate size, too. I looked online for solutions to a portfolio carry and only found cumbersome PVC attachments. So I looked into Arkel's $30 Cam-Lock system and at some pannier hacks and figured this was something everyone should know about. The hardware itself costs less than $5. Alternatives to this include using a trailer, or walking.

- 2-3 hooks (not sure what they're called, but there are a variety you can use)
- bolts
- nuts!
- rear rack
- portfolio
- bungee cord(s)
- possibly a large flat surface if your portfolio does not come with cardboard inside, or two long metal pieces to anchor it
- gouging tool
- allen keys and open end wrenches

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.