Introduction: Portfolios: the CORRECT Way


You should create and organize your portfolio correctly by following these instructions so it looks NEAT, ORGANIZED and CLEAN.

In order to receive full points for Week 7, your portfolio must demonstrate all these requirements.

Step 1: Two Portfolios

First, make sure you have two portfolios for both Communication and Reading classes.

Step 2: Cover Page

Make sure you have a cover page on the front of your portfolio. It should look clean, neat and PROFESSIONAL.

Step 3: Include All Documents

Your Portfolio should have these documents inside in this order. Your checklist should be filled out every week and your Student Assessment should be filled out by the end of the Semester. Documents should NOT be left blank and they should NOT be squished into the front pocket. It should look ORGANIZED and PROFESSIONAL.

Page 1. Program Guideline and Rules

Page 2. Scope and Sequence skills

Page 3. Student Assessment

Page 4. Assignment Checklist

Step 4: Headings

All work must have a HEADING at the top of the paper. A heading shows the important information, such as the name, title, date and class. A heading is REQUIRED on all work. Please add headings to all previous works in your portfolio.

Step 5: Dividers

Your portfolio should be organized using dividers. Every week should have its own section. They should look neat and professional, NOT homemade dividers. Homemade dividers do NOT look professional or serious.

Step 6: Pages Turn the Correct Way

English reads from left to right. The pages start from the left and go to the right. Arabic reads from right to left. Make sure your portfolio pages are ordered in the right direction according to English, NOT Arabic.

Step 7: Corrections

You should be going back and correcting previous work every week and your portfolio should show this. Correcting grammar, spelling and other mistakes is REQUIRED. Use a different color pen so the teacher can see your progress.