Introduction: Portrait Pumpkin Tutorial

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Welcome to my Instructable! I did this project for the people out there who want to be a little bit more creative with their pumpkins! Please be sure to leave a vote if you liked my instructable!

Step 1: Choose Your Image

For the project you will need:

Image for the stencil


Carving Tools

Photoshop (or other program if you want)


For my project I chose Robert Downy Jr for my image. You can use whatever image you want.

Next Thing you'll need is a pumpkin. Any pumpkin will work.

Step 2: Open Your Image in Photoshop

First Open the image and duplicate the layer. So you have a backup just in case.

Step 3: Select the Background of the Image

You can use the magic wand tool or you can use the pan or just erase the background. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT !! After you have that selected just go ahead and delete it sou you have a white/transparent background.

Step 4: Black and White

If your image is not already black and white got image, adjustments, black and white. Once the panel opens up just click ok.

Step 5: Further Adjustments

Were going to make it have less color. Go to filters, filter gallery, and cutout. once there you can mess with the levels to get it to look how you want it. In the end you want the image to have less color.

Step 6: Finishing the Stencil Printout

Time to finish the details on photoshop. Go to select then color range. Select shadows in the popup window. then mess with the levels again to make it look like its a little more grouped together.

Step 7:

After you press Ok on the image it should come up with a selection just copy and paste that, delete the old layer, and print you stencil out.

Step 8: Beginning the Carving

Go ahead and gut your pumpkin. I'm assuming that everyone knows how to do this.

Step 9: Using the Stencil

You're going to want to cut out the stencil using a knife. Remember to only cut the black areas. Also anything thing to keep in mind is to make sure no areas are to thin. I did accidentally cut out some of the tie but I'll fix it later.

Step 10: Transferring the Stencil

You will need to paint on the stencil after its on the pumpkin. You could also draw the outline


You are done good job just carve the design out and stick a candle in it.

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