Introduction: Portrait for Halloween With Screen

This is my first instructable I hope you will like it and that you will forgive my English mistakes.

I wanted a simple method to make a portrait possessed, without PIR or other accessory, for that I use a PC "all-in-one screen" with the software Contacam for the detection of movement with the camera and VLC for the reading of the video.

- screen with camera or PC all in one

- frame

- VLC (video player with CMD command)

- Contacam (surveillance with camera)

Step 1: Frame

I started by making a frame like the tables at the size of the screen and make fixing so that it fits well without having to fix it definitively.

Step 2: Camera

A small hole for the camera in the frame

Step 3: Software

For the video, I used AtmosFX which are superb, I had to modify it to remove the frame that was in the film; then I made a screenshot that I put on the desktop and I deleted all shortcuts to have a single image.

In VLC you have to select to play the video in full screen without title and scrollbar.For Contacam, once the frame in place made tests to select the detection area and to open VLC, I use the CMD command, the method is written on their site.

Step 4: Finish

My MSI is a little light so there is a little flicker at the start of VLC but I'm happy with the result.