Introduction: Portrait Silhouette Scrapbook Cover

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From my trip to Bristol I wanted to make a scrapbook with all the photos, tricked, and other things!

The book you see is actually a sketch book, not a scrapbook-book. The reason that I've chosen this one is the cardboard-look cover witch I can decorate myself!

The other day my Local Fablab (Fablab Breda) had just received a Portrait silhouette for a build night - the perfect combination!

Birstol has a iconic bridge - I wanted that one to be on the cover. The vector image was made by myself witch I've cut out from a vinyl sticker sheet.

Step 1: Get Your Things Ready

Setup your portrait and install silhouette studio on your pc. Doing this is super easy.

Have you vector file and export it to DXF or draw an image in silhouette studio yourself :)

Got a cool image?

Step 2: Cut the Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Cut a small peace of the vinyl sticker from the roll. Make sure the vinyl exceeds BOTH white rollers - otherwise it will shift.

Load this in the machine. You can read here how to do that properly.

Step 3: Cut Your Image!

Now you are ready to cut it!

Make sure that the cutting dimensions are greater than 0.5 / 1mm otherwise you will get the same result as the image above.

Step 4: Prepare Your Sticker

Peel the excess vinyl off and apply the transfer foil on your sticker.

Rub the transfer foil firmly so the sticker will vinyl to it.

Step 5: Stick It to Your Surface

Peel away the white sticker paper so the black vinyl sticks to the transfer foil.

Be careful doing this because often the vinyl wont stick to the transfer foil and you have to rub it more or use tweezers / a needle to help it a little :)

A smart thing to do is to ask someone to assist you with this.

After you removed the white paper, you can stick it on you scrapbook...wall... card... laptop...window...whatever you like!

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