Introduction: Poseble Extreme Mohawked Armored Aluminum Sculpture Based on WOW World of WarCraft

Was up  everyone... Have you ever wanted your own Armored action figured with real metal armor? Do you want a quick project that impresses people with minimal work?

Do you have spare wood, wire and maybe some aluminum roofing material or about 10  bucks in your pocket?

then i have a great project for you!!

This is my Extreme metal Mohawk armored warrior based on the world of warcraft..  This guy is made from some cheap aluminum sheeting that is used for roofing and some random cuts of wood.. This was a center piece that adorned my college apartment for years and i'm passing down the instructable down to you..


random Pieces of wood
Wood screws.. some long and some short
Some paint or not
Some Metal scissors or some heavy duty scissors might work
maybe some kinda thick wires
roofing aluminum metal like this one here

Step 1: Cutting Your Wood

Ok This is where you can get creative.. you can go all detailed or you can go quick and simple (like me) remember part of it its going to get covered by the metal so don't go too crazy.. i use a band saw but some dremel or hand saw might work as well.

Here are a representation of my wood cuts 

Step 2: Cut the Armor.. Attach the Body Parts .. Enjoy and Show It Off

Just think of it as a stick figure.. triangle chest.. head arms legs and pelvis..

the black dots are where i used some screws to attach body parts..

Cut your armor pieces.. and attach them to your body parts.. However. plan how you gonna pose it and how you gonna attache the pieces... you might have to attach the body parts before adding some armor.. i had to do that with the left hand elbow.. but i attached the armor to most of the body 1st.. it's a pain to drill metal on wood at weird angles..

You can probably use the screws to attach all body parts but for the neck and pelvis .. i predrilled holes in each end about the same thickness of the copper wiring in each end .. inserted the copper wire in each end and bend it to pose it.. You could use this method for all of it.. if you want to keep your figure posable.. just heat glue it or something.. or keep the holes very tight.. i wanted to have only one pose. but thinking about it ... changing poses might of been cool

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