Introduction: Posedion Costume

I made this costume for my younger brother for Halloween, I chose Poseidon from the Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan, because it's his favorite book series, and Poseidon, the Greek god is his favorite character.

For the upper part I used my dad's old shirt I cut it and sew it to fit him. I used a ribbon with Greek motive at the neck and at the end of the belt for decoration. I used an old safety net of our old trampoline. And a blue piece of cotton fabric, denim for the belt from an old pair of jeans. I used velcro at the ends of the belt.

For the trident I used cardboard form the packaging of an IKEA furniture. You should use more layers if one is not strong enough or you can even put a piece of flat metal between the layers. I used masking tape at the edges. and sprayed the trident with silver spray paint.

I made the crown out of silk paper you can measure on the actual piece, or make a pattern like I did. I used a stapler to connect the two ends of the crown.


  • For the upper part
    • an old shirt
    • safety net
    • blue cotton
    • jeans
    • ribbon with Greek motives
    • velcro
    • scissors
    • sewing machine
  • for the trident
    • cardboard
    • masking tape
    • spray paint
    • metal (if necessary)
    • pencil ruler
    • box cutter
  • for the crown
    • cardstock
    • pencil
    • ruler
    • stapler
    • box cutter

Step 1: The Upper Part

First I cut some parts of the shirt with the scissors like in picture 1. I back stitched the side of the shirt and took the buttons off the shirt and then I stitched it together. I decorated the neck with the ribbon. I binded the side of the blue fabric and then sew it to the left shoulder of the shirt. Then I binded all of the sides of the denim belt. Then I sew the ribbon at the end and the velcro on it. Then finally back stitched the belt to the shirt. You can see the final result at the last picture.

Step 2: The Trident

First I measured it out on a piece of cardboard. Then I cut it out with a box cutter. You should cut it out 2 or 3 times. You can put a flat piece of metal between the layers if necessary, but I recommend it. Then I covered the sides with masking tape. Then I spray painted it. You can see the final result on the last picture too.

Step 3: The Crown

I outlined the whole crown on a piece of paper cut it out with a box cutter and used it as a template. I copied the crown on a thicker silver colored paper or cardstock and cut it out. I used a stapler to connect the two ends.

Step 4: Final Result

Here you can see the final result. This is my brother in his Poseidon costume. It turned out pretty good.

I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading.

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