Introduction: Positive Discipline Jar

Help your kids create their own fun looking jar! The jar can then be used as a container for small tokens (e.g. cotton balls, balls, pompoms) that parents can give to their kids to reward good deeds to reinforce positive discipline (e.g. tidy up their bed/room, put away their plates, say please or thank you.. etc.). Once the jar is full of tokens, the kid knows they earned a reward!

We have been using this system within our family for more than 6 years and kids are ALWAYS excited to take a token (we use small bouncy balls) and place it in their jars.. & of course they are most excited when the jar is full and they get their reward!

(Jars in the pictures were created by kids of different age groups.. and they work wonders!)


  • Jar (recycle any glass or plastic jar)
  • Goggly eyes, pompoms, construction paper, glue gun, glue, stickers, pipe cleaners.. get creative :)
  • Fillers as reward tokens (e.g. balls, pompoms .. etc.)

Step 1: Create a Fun Looking Jar

Unleash your kids creativity to create their own fun looking jar:

  1. Clean the jar and prepare your art supplies for your kids.
  2. Use scissors to cutout the mouth, hands, and eyebrows (if desired)
  3. Glue mouth, nose, eyes and anything else into the jar. Adult help may be needed to use a glue gun or sharp scissors for safety.

Step 2: Filling the Jar With Tokens

Kids fill the jar with tokens that parents give to them when they do something good.

Tokens can be anything: cotton balls, plastic balls, pompoms...

Each family can decide on the frequency as well as the activities that kids are rewarded for. For example: Helping without being asked to, being kind to others, sharing, cleaning up their room... etc.

Step 3: Getting a Reward

Once the jar is full, kid gets a reward! 🎁🏆🎉

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