Introduction: Positivity Plant


Step 1: Materials

Step 2:

Step 3:

Next you will solder conductive wire to either side of your LED's and resistor. This way the wires are coming out on opposite sides of the plant.

Step 4: (optional)

Hot glue rocks over your wire so that they are less visible.

Step 5:

Next you will solder copper tape to one wire thats attached to one side of the LED's and on another wire that is attached to the battery. The wire on the other side of the LED's will also be attached to the battery.

Step 6:

You will then feed the two wires with copper tape up the stem of the plant and onto two leaves that are close to each other. One wire should attach to the bottom side of the leaf while the other attaches to the top side. This way they can touch when wind blows them together.

Step 7:

You can then hide all of the attached wires and battery by taping it all to the back of the plant.
(You can use a smaller battery and it will work just as well)

Step 8:

Finally you make a small stencil that says whatever positive reinforcement that is relevant to your life and attach it over the LED's.
(there are many ways of doing this but this specific sign has tracing paper behind the letters so the LED's shine more evenly over the words

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