Introduction: Possessed Doll

A doll that seems it's possesed. It gets up, turns his head and his eyes light up. Made with Arduino and inside components with 3D printer.


Estetical Components


-Box to put all the arduino inside

Electrical Components



- 2x 220 Ohm Resistors

-2 Red LEDs

- 2 Servo Motors (one of them high torque)

- Distance sensor

- Electric wires

3D Printed Components


- Servo support inside the body

-Neck supports



Step 1: Schematic of the Electrical Connections

This is a schema of the connections to build the arduino part to make the doll work.

Step 2: Flow DIagram and Code

Step 3: 3D Components

To build the doll you will need to print some components with a 3D printer. There are attached the files to print what its necessary to build.

- The axis that go from the neck of the doll to the servo that makes the head rotate. Then another axis that goes from the high torque servo to the back of the doll to make it stand up.

Step 4: How to Build?

When you have your Arduino set, you just need to put it inside the box under the doll. Then lenghten tha wires of the leds and the servos.

1- Disassemble the doll

2- Put the Leds behind the eyes inside the head.

3- Put the 3D printed pieces as an axis inside the neck and the back of the doll.

4- Fix the servos with the axis.

5- Reassemble the doll.

6- Make some tests and make sure that the axis are safe to support all the weight.

7- Make it work.

NOTE: Assemble the 3d pieces as it's done in the images below, so the transmission of the servos can be used.

Step 5: Conclusion

Building this doll has been a challenge and a troubling experience, as every new step we did something was not working. Finally we did it and we are proud of what we have done. We recommend you to use a very high torque servos, because the ones we have chosen are not as powerful as they should, and they need a little push to help. If you use a more powerful one there should not be any problem to get up the doll.

Thanks for your support.

Joan and Uri