Post Apocalyptic Harry Potter Costume

Introduction: Post Apocalyptic Harry Potter Costume

About: I enjoy a variety of things. I'm an active volunteer since November of 2010 at Bunnyluv Rabbit Resource Center in Van Nuys, CA where I help care for the shelter and boarding bunnies. I love working with them. …

I am obsessed with Harry Potter but I didn't want to do another traditional wizard costume. I also like the dirty look that Dieselpunk gives us so I blended the two together. I am entering this into the Halloween Costumes contest so please vote for me. The mask was made using a paper mache buildup with computer hardware glued in place. A bendy straw was glued onto the front and the eyes are covered by window screen. The tube to the respirator box is a corrugated conduit wrapper. The box is made from foamcore, painted and the details were added with hot glue. (In the end the box will be attached to my suspenders with elastic) The cape was store bought to save time. The glove was made from a silver-ish gray fabric and detailed using magic markers. The wand is made from paper and hot glue then painted to look like wood. The fan on the box is merely glued to the front and doesn't work.

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