Introduction: Post-It Note Art.

One day me and my friend decided to build Mario and Bowser out of Post-It Notes after I had drawn them on graph paper. Mario is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and took about 370 Post-It Notes. Bowser is 8x8 and took over 500 Post-It Notes.

Step 1: Supplies

There aren't many supplies, just graph paper, Post-It Notes, a pencil, and maybe a friend if your building something big.

Step 2: Picking Something to Build.

First, decide what you want to build. It needs to be something 8-bit, so from an old game like Super Mario Bros. There are tons of other games you could choose from. Just Google "8-bit _____".  Fill in the blank with what your searching for. Duh.

Step 3: Draw It.

Once you find an image, draw it on graph paper. 8-bit images are extremely easy to draw on graph paper. These are the things I've drawn. So far, all from Super Mario Bros. Be sure to color or shade it, so that you can tell where different Post-It Notes will go.

Step 4: Measurments.

Count how many squares high the drawing is, then multiply that by three. That's how tall it will be. Do the same for the width.

Step 5: Before You Build...

Find a wall and make sure that it is big enough to build on. Also, you should test one out a sticky note on it a while before you build, so you know if it will stay there for a while or not. Right now, Mario and Bowser have been in my basebent for about a month and still are looking great. It should definitly be built inside, and somewhere where it won't be torn down or accidentally destroyed.

                                                                 Pic Unrelated. Also, the Game.

Step 6: Build It!

Every square on the graph paper is a Post-It Note. It dosen't really matter if you have the right colors, as long as you keep the colors consistent. Start from the bottom and build up so it looks like they are standing on the ground, unless the dont stand.

   Just take your time, and be patient. If the Post-Its seem a little uneven, it's ok. Ours were, and we were worried, but it still turned out looking good.

        Be creative and have fun! ^_^

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