Introduction: Post It Note Stash

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Hi everyone, this tutorial will teach you how to make a secret box out of post it notes. You can hide keys, coins, and cash in plainsight. Please vote for this project in the safe and secure contest.

Step 1: Lets Get Started!

The first thing we need to do is gather our materials.
We will need:
• Stack of 90 post it notes
• 1mm plasticard
• Super glue
• exacto knife
• pencil
• ruler

Step 2: Preparing to Cut

We will start by removing 15 post it notes from both the top and bottom. Next we should draw a 5mm boarder around the post it notes, with the exception that the boarder on the sticky end of the post it notes should be 15mm in.

Step 3: Slicing Time!

Start to cut along the lines you have made, making your way through each layer until you have made it completely throught the section. Remember that bottom section we set aside? Stick it back onto the bottom using glue if needed.

Step 4: Lining the Box

Now its time to use that plasticard. Cut it into the dimensions shown (6cm x 5.5cm rectangle, 2x 6 cm x .5cm, 2x 5.5cm x .5cm). Spread super glue onto the edges of the large rectangle and place it in the bottom of the hole we created in the post it notes. Now place some superglue around the edges of the hole and place the thin strips along them. Make sure the 6cm strip goes across the 6cm side of the hole.

Step 5: You’ve Done It!

Finally, you’re done. You can hide cash, coins, keys, or other goods in the unexpected hiding place. No one looks through post it notes for money, and definitely not keys. Feel good that you can now easily hide your stuff in plain sight. If you enjoyed this instructables, please vote for it in the safe and secure contest, thank you.

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