Introduction: Post Office Drawings

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This project was the genesis for an instructable I posted earlier called Drawing Machine

This project takes a more mellow approach and makes the post office make your drawings for you.

You will need:

-A shipping package
-A suitable sized piece of paper
-A "stylus" of your own making
-Packaging tape
-A marker
-Money for postage
-An understanding friend

Step 1: Gather Materials

Choose a shipping container that will accomodate your stylus. In this project I am using an old stylus from my Drawing Machine Instructable. It fits nicely inside this cardboard tube, allowing for free movement and mark-making abilities.

Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the shipping container. This piece is as long as the tube is tall (allowing for the lid, which actually squeezes into the tube), and should be as wide as the inside diameter of the tube, in order to not have any overlap in the paper, which would yield a blank spot where the paper fell over itself.

Step 2: Assembly

I will be sending this to a friend who is ill, so I wrote a little note on the back of the drawing wishing her a speedy recovery.

Roll up the paper with the note on the outside and insert it into the tube.

Drop the Stylus into the tube.

Seal package with packing tape.

Write opening instructions near the lid.

Address the package, and just for giggles, write some encouragement on the package.

Step 3: Post

Take your package to the post office and purchase the required postage. It's probably best to purchase the slowest, longest route possible so that your package gets lots of time to be created and gets a lot of jostling. Encourage the nice woman at the counter to shake up your drawing and help make a unique gift for your friend.

Step 4: Other Ideas

A tube might not be the only way to go here. What about a long piece of paper rolled up inside a square box? What about using multiple styluses? How about sending two sheets of paper, so your friend can remove the inner piece to keep for themself, and can repackage and send it back to you so you can each have a drawing? Oh, the mind reels with the possibilities...
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