Introduction: Post on Instagram and It Will Be Posted on Facebook for You!

This system will make a post on Facebook for you when you post something on Instagram. Now you don't have to post on both of the apps. We can do this by this website called IFTTT Action. This website is completely free and totaly safe to use, and you can make other automations too.

Step 1: Let's Make Recipe for This System.

You need to sign up on this website. As I said before, it's free and safe. (You will not need to sign up if you have a acount already.)

  1. Go to, and sign up.
  2. Then log in.

Now we are ready to make the recipe!

  1. Go to your horizontal menu.
  2. Click your username.
  3. Click "Create"
  4. Then click "This".
  5. Click Instagram's icon.
  6. Click "Activate".
  7. Sign in.
  8. Click "Any new photo by you".
  9. Click "Create trigger".
  10. Click "That".
  11. Click Facebook's icon.
  12. Sign in.
  13. Click "Upload from URL".
  14. Leave the default settings.
  15. Click "Create action"
  16. Click "Create recipe"

Now you have created the recipe!

Step 2: Let's Test It!

Now test your recipe by posting a new photo on Instagram! Hopefully it will work for you as well. Morever, you can create more recipes using many chanels!! I hope this will help your social media life a lot easier!!

Thanks for looking at my Instructables!!

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