Postcard Booklet



Introduction: Postcard Booklet

Turning your postcards into little books is a great way to store your travel memories. It's also very low cost and easy to do. After I traveled to a few counties with large groups, it started occurring to me that I was taking the same pictures everyone else was taking. So instead, I started buying postcards of the locations I was visiting---they were cheaper (at the time) and professionally taken.

Step 1: BoM


D-Rings/book rings

Hole punch

Front/Back Cover- Optional


Decorations & Embellishments


Step 2: Select Postcards

Pick out and organize the postcards you want to use. It's up to you how they are organized, but I like doing it based on where I went first.

Step 3: Holes

Punch 2 evenly spaced holes in each of your postcards. A full size hole puncher with movable ends can be really useful and time saving.

Step 4: Connect

Use the D-rings to connect your postcards. As you add more and more cards, you can size up the rings.

Step 5: To Cover or Not to Cover

Adding a cover (and a backing) is totally optional. Cardboard works great and can be decorated however you like.

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