Introduction: Pot Noodle Lamp/Torch

I made this one evening because my WiFi wasn't working, enjoy!

Step 1: Gather!

-pot noodle pot (king sized works best)
-old disused lamp

precision tools:
-knife (Stanley or xacto or something like that)
-pair of compasses
-glue gun
-mat de cutting

Step 2: Preparing the Boring Lamp

bits we want: bulb, bulb holder, wires that connect this to mains/battery

bits we don't want: shade, stand, casings etc.

I used a hammer for this. you should probably use a more appropriate tool like a saw or something but I was too lazy to walk to the garage and hammers are fun!

Step 3: Preparing the Pot Noodle Pot

eat the noodles. hmm.. delicious. wash out the pot and draw a little circle on the bottom with the same diameter as the widest part of the bulb holder. use a pair of compasses or conveniently sized roll of sellotape.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

cut out the cirlce from the pot with your knife. try to cut yourself less times than I did. but be careful! you need the circle still!! make a suitable slit or hole for the wires to poke through in the small circle and glue it in place as shown. now glue the small circle (now attached to the bulb holder) back into the pot and voilà it is complete! test it and troubleshoot if necessary (this will probably involve the hammer again)

Step 5: One Last Thing

mine works awesomely as a torch plugged into the mains and look pretty cool also!! mine is also easily adaptable into a lamp using the old stand and some cunningly placed elastic bands... enjoy!

also has the tasty side effect of smelling like curry, mmm...

Disclaimer: it is recommended that an energy saving, or LED, style bulb should be used as excess heat from a bulb could cause the pot to melt. The author holds no liability for the actions or consequences encouraged in any way by this instructable. approximately 114 grams of noodles were harmed in the making of this product.