Introduction: Pot O' Liquor

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How do you provide a lot of tasty punch to a big crowd for a little money?
You make a Pot O' Liquor!

This serves a lot of people and costs about $25.

It's sweet and tasty, so the girls will like it, but not so sweet that the guys won't like it.  In fact I haven't met anyone yet who didn't like it, and I've served it at quite a few parties.

You will need:
A Big Pot (lobster pot)
A handle of vodka
A bottle of peach tree schnapps
A 2L bottle of gingerale.
A jug of orange juice
A frozen can of cranberry juice concentrate.

The measurements are not exact. If your bottle of peachtree is small, if your bottle of gingerale is too big, if you only have bottled cranberry juice, don't sweat it. It all comes out good. You can use inexpensive vodka, the kind in the plastic bottle, it still tastes good. Of couse if you want to use the good stuff, please do.

Step 1: Pour It for the Crowd.

People seem to enjoy watching you pour whole bottles of alcohol into a pot, so save it for the crowd.

(Please pardon my illustrations. I'm pregnant, so although I would love to make, photograph,  and drink this right now, it's not going to happen for a few more months. )

It doesn't really matter what order you pour it is. I like to put the frozen juice in first, then pour in the gingerale, then the rest. The gingerale foams a bit, so it's best to pour it in in the beginning so it doesn't overflow.

You can pour in half the vodka, taste it, and add more if you desire.

If your pot is small, pour in half of everything, then make a second batch later.

Carefully stir it all up.

Step 2: Enjoy!

Use a ladle, and serve it to your guests.

Drink and enjoy until the pot is empty.

Remember, use caution, this drink is quite strong, although doesn't taste strong.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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