Introduction: Potable Storage Container to a Tiny House!

Plans to convert a portable storage container into a tiny home! I utilized programs such as AutoCad and SketchUp to create graphics and eventually a 3D model in foam board

Step 1: Create Floor Plan

Going off a 20' x 10' container I created a floor plan on AutoCad to utilize the small space efficiently. I created several layers to decipher the floor plan content and added dimensions to specify the length and width of all rooms. The house would be suitable for one or two people with 1 bedroom, 1 bath, stacked laundry facilities, and an open design kitchen and living area.

Step 2: Computer 3D Model

On the computer, I used SketchUp to create a 3D model. I built it off the floor plan I previously created with AutoCad. After building the walls, floors, windows, doors, and counters/cabinets I inserted pre-designed furniture to make the space realistic. Finally, I added color and texture to the interior and exterior, using colors to make the space appear bigger.

Step 3: Create Foam Model

Using foam board I constructed a model based off the models I created on the computer. I created simple rectangles with specific scaled measures on AutoCad that I then cut out on foam board using a laser. This is just a basic example of the skeleton of the structure.