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Introduction: Potable Diy Amp

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This is my second instructable so far. Its a simple potable amplifier which uses the ever popular lm386 amp ic.
The construction is rather easy with few components and it sounds great. Its potability makes it more handy.
This can be used as a computer amp, guitar amp or even as a amp for your mobile phone.
So, here it goes.............................. 

Step 1: Materials Required

lm386 ic with stand
10k pot
10r resistor
0.1uf ceramic cap(30)
250uf/16v electrolytic  cap
10uf/16v electrolytic cap
soldering equipment
9v battery with clip
1/8in male jack
slide switch
wires(of course)

Step 2: The Schematic

This is a simple design, in this arrangement the amp gives a gain of 200.It is acting as a non-inverting amp giving audio output is about 2-3watts. The volume can be adjusted by the 10k pot. The gain can also be adjusted by adding a 10k pot in series with the10uf cap in between the 1 and 8 pin.

Step 3: Solder It Out

Solder everything. You can use a 1/4inch jack for connecting the guitar.

Step 4: Put Everything in the Enclosure

 You can take any plastic or wooden box you like for the amp. Here I have used a sweet container box. Make holes for wires and the pot and the speaker on the lid. Use double sided tape to stick the speaker into the box. After all the connections put everything inside the box and close it. Color the enclosure if you want as i did.

Step 5: Testing

Switch onn the amp connect the male jack into a mobile phone or mp3 player. If it does'nt work open the box and check the connections properly again

Step 6: Finish!

Now you have a potable amplifier. Now enjoy music any where you want. 

Hope you like it.
Feel free to comment.

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    #7 should not have any connections.