Potato Cannon

Introduction: Potato Cannon

This can be dangerous so have a elder helping you.


5ft 4in pvc pipe
3ft 1.5in pvc pipe
Connection piece
Cap with screw on
Flint starter
Flammable spray

Step 1: Cutting the Pipe

Cut the 4in pipe down to 2ft or 3ft it’s your preference.

Step 2: Connect the Pipes

Take the connection piece and glue it to the 4in pipe
Give it a minute or two the glue the 1.5in to it and let it dry.

Step 3: Putting the Flint Starter In.

You need to drill a small hole so the flint stater can be put through the bottom and get put through the hole and tighten it up with a nut.

Step 4: The Cap

Glue the cap to the bottom and make sure you let this one dry for a little bit.

Step 5: Have and Launch

But be carful.

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