Introduction: Potato Litti

_ Litti is dough ball made of whole wheat flour and stuffed with potato filling.
_ This can be served for breakfast.
_ These are crispy from outside and soft inside with the potato filling.
_We need to saute them by adding ghee which makes them very delicious.
_ Adding diffrent spices and herbs to the filling makes it very tasty and wholesome.



_ One cup wheat flour

_ Half teaspoon carom seeds

_ Few chopped coriander leaves

_ Salt as per taste

_ Two Boiled and smashed potatoes

_ 1/4 cup fresh green peas

_ Teaspoon Red chilli powder

_ Half teaspoon chat masala

_ Half teaspoon Garam masala powder

_ One tablespoon Coriander seeds

_ One tablespoon fennel seeds

_ Pinch of turmeric powder

_ Little ghee or butter

Step 1: First Step

_ Take one cup of wheat flour in a bowl and add teaspoon salt and few carom seeds.
_ Carom seeds gives nice flavour and taste .

Step 2: Add Coriander Leaves and Teaspoon Ghee

_ Next add coriander leaves ( cilantro) and teaspoon ghee .

Step 3: Mix Everything and Make a Dough

_ We need to mix all the added ingredients .Add little by little water and make a semi tight dough.

Step 4: Boil Potatoes and Smash Them

_ Boil 2 potatoes and smash them.

Step 5: Preparing Fennel Coriander Powder

_ Take about one tablespoon fennel seeds and one tablespoon coriander seeds in a blender.Blend to coarse powder .

Step 6: Preparing Stuffing

_ Take little oil in wok .When oil is heated add teaspoon cumin seeds .
_ When they crackle add blended fennel coriander powder.

Step 7: Add Green Peas

_ Add fresh green peas and saute for sometime .

Step 8: Add Boiled Smashed Potatoes

_ Next add previously boiled and smashed potatoes .

Step 9: Add Salt and Red Chilli Powder

_ Add salt as per taste, Red chilli powder and pinch of turmeric powder.

Step 10: Add Spices

_ Add Half teaspoon chat masala powder and half teaspoon Garam masala powder.

Step 11: Mix Everything

_ After adding spices mix everything such that all spices are coated with potato mixture .

Step 12: Make Small Balls

_ Make small balls from prepared potato mixture as shown in my image .

Step 13: Flatten the Dough

_ Take small portion of the prepared dough and slightly flatten on palms as shown in image .

Step 14: Place Prepared Stuffing Ball Inside Flattened Dough

_ Now place the prepared ball inside the flattened dough .Bring all edges of dough together and wrap it.
_ Repeat the same procedure with entire dough and make all littis.

Step 15: Make Cross Cut

_ After making all littis make a cross cut (x mark) as shown in my image .

Step 16: Add Cheese for More Yummy Taste

_ We can also add cheese inside the filling .Adding cheese is optional but kids love it when we add cheese

Step 17: Place the Cooker on Pan and Heat It

_ I have taken pan ( tawa) and heated it . We need to place the cooker on the tawa.
_ Add little ghee or butter in to the cooker

Step 18: Shallow Fry Them

_ Shallow fry littis on both sides until they turn crisp and brown.

Step 19: Potato Littis Are Ready

_ Potato littis are ready to serve .

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