Introduction: Potato Powered LED!

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LEDs require more than 2 volts to light up.

Each Zinc-Copper Potato produces 1 volt. In this particular setup, we've created 3 - 1 Volt batteries connected in a series so that they can light up an LED.

Please see photos for directions.

Also see "Metal Reactivity Series" table to learn more.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1 LED 2-3V
3 Idaho Potatoes
3 Copper Electrodes (5" x 3/4")
3 Zinc Electrodes (5" x 3/4")
4 Double Sided Alligator Clip Wires
Rubber Bands

Step 2: Connections

See photo for connection setup.

Note: The LED has a positive and negative so if your connection doesn't initially work, just switch the wire connection to the legs.

Step 3: Make Electricity!

Light & Dark Photos of the lit LED!

Step 4: Kit With Instructions

You can find the make electricity kit on

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