Introduction: Potato Salad (Shaken Not Stirred)

Potato Salad is quick, tasty and easy to make.

It maybe that you have been invited to a barbeque, a party (the one where they ask you to bring food) or your hungry, whatever the situation you will need you can add potato salad to your cooking arsenal.

You know the possible situations and have three good reasons to make it so let’s get started shall we?

Equipment and Materials list

Potatoes (In this example 5)
Chives (or spring onions)
Egg mayonnaise (3 Big table spoons per 5 potatoes as a rough guide)
Saucepan (with water)
Electric / Gas Hob (Fire pit or some way of boiling water)
Container with a lid
Chopping board
Sieve (optional though really desirable)

Step 1 Peel, dice and slice... the potatoes (of course)
Step 2 Hot potato
Step 3 I am all shaken up

Step 1: Step 1 Peel, Dice and Slice... the Potatoes (of Course)

Be careful when using the knife. There is no reason why you can’t use more potatoes just make sure you up the egg mayonnaise.

! Slicing and dicing tip, if you cut the potatoes in half and then score a line into the potato half across its length down the middle but not cut it completely then score it in this manner width ways creating a grid. Then if you cut it from the top down in layers one inch deep you get cubes effortlessly.

i) Peel the potatoes.

ii) Slice the potatoes into small pieces I tend to aim for inch cubes.

iii) Cut your chives/spring onions into ½ an inch pieces and put the pieces to one side.

iv) Place the potato pieces into a saucepan of water.

Step 2: Step 2 Hot Potato

Be careful handling hot water.

i) Place the saucepan with potato pieces onto the hob and bring to the boil for 30 minutes or until if you put a knife into the potato pieces they are soft and easily slide off the knife.

ii) Pour off water, if can use a sieve to drain as much water away as possible if not pour as much water away as you can. If you don’t have sieve leave the potato pieces on a hob but turn it off don’t let them burn but allow the excess water to evaporate off.

iii) Transfer to your container.

Step 3: Step 3 I Am All Shaken Up

i) Add the chopped chive/spring onion pieces to your potato pieces in the container.

ii) Add 3 tablespoons (per 5 potatoes as a rough guide) to the container.

iii) Place lid onto the container tightly.

iv) Shake it vigorously to mix it up.

Now you have a tasty potato salad to enjoy!