Introduction: Potato Stamp

Potato stamp is a stamp mede out of raw potato. How to make a potato stamp,....well you need a potato :-), and some colors...stady hand, knife and a pencil to draw on potato.


  • raw potato
  • pencil
  • water colors
  • sharp knife
  • paper

Step 1: Cut Potato on Half

Use a sharp knife to cut raw potato. Be careful!

Step 2: Draw an Image

Draw an image on a potato with a pencil.

Step 3: Cut Out the Negativ Part of Image

With sharp knife, carefully cut out everything BUT an image.

Step 4: Color the Image

Color the image with water colors and press it on a paper to make it an imprint.

Step 5: Draw More Images and Make More Stamps

Draw some more images and let your imagination to do it's own....

Step 6: Play With Them...

Draw an image, make a game, express yourself, have fun with kids,... :-).

Step 7: Enjoy and Have Fun...

Have fun.

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