Pots and Planting Herbs for Beginners

Introduction: Pots and Planting Herbs for Beginners

First thing you're going to need to gather supplies. You'll need:

-One small bag of potting soil

-4 pots and water trays (water trays normally come with the pots)

-At least four different colours of water proof paint


-Water, disposable cup, paper towel and a plastic bag

-Hose or bottle of water (you'll need at least 2 bottles of water for all four plants.)

It should be super easy to do all of these steps and to take care of the herbs after planting. Always go off the recommended amount of sunlight and water to keep your herbs happy and healthy. You can adjust the recommendation if you find you plants do better in different amounts of sun and or water.

Step 1: Paint Names of Herbs on Pots and Water Trays

This works for both flowers, veggies and herbs. And if you wish you can paint the tray the colour you choose to write the name in to help identify the herb and add colour.

Step 2: (Optional) Add Designs

Adding designs will make them stand out more I find, so I chose tree branches, but you could paint what ever you wish as well as you could look at different sources to get inspiration.

Step 3: Put Soil on the Bottom of the Pot

This will help with keeping water in the plant and promote better plant health. I used a handful but of course depending on the size of the pot always use no more then an inch of soil.

Step 4: Add Soil Around Plant

Grab little hand fulls of dirt around the soil free areas so it is even around the pot. After that is done make sure the soil packed tightly and add more dirt around the actual plant and again making sure it is tightly packed together

Step 5: Water

Grab your hose and put it on a mist setting if possible and soak the dirt until darker and before the point of it being mud. You can do the same with the water bottles with the same amount of moister in the dirt. Be sure not to over water your plants, maybe once a day or every two days depending on climate.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    A great first instructable Victoria. I'm always too rough with my plants and often break them when I'm planting. Any tips for doing a better job if I try to garden again this year?


    4 years ago

    Great tips for potting! :)