Introduction: Pots of Recycled Cans

Beautiful and practical flower pots to show off in the garden

Step 1: Materials

Aluminum Can
Antioxidant Paint

Step 2: Remove the Label

Remove the label and clean the can if necessary

Step 3: Perforating the Base of the Can

Perforating the base of the can with the help of the nail and hammer

Step 4: Paint the Can

Dilute the paint with the dilutor and paint the whole can, then allow to dry for approximately 30 minutes

Step 5: Perforate the Sides of The

Once the paint dries, drill with the nail the top sides of the can to place the handle

Step 6: Place the Handle

Perforate the cork with the help of a cork remover or nail, then pass the wire inside the cork until placed in the middle, proceed to paint with antioxidant spray paint, let dry for 1 hour and then place the handle in the side holes

Step 7: Decorate the Tin Can

Once the handle is placed, decorate the can and the pot is ready

Step 8: Add Plants in Pot

Add plants to the pot with fertilizer and leaf litter and then water. ¡Ready our pot to place in the garden!

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