Introduction: Potted Lollypop Topiary Trees

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As a present for my nieces and nephews, I made them some potted ChupaChup trees, with 100 lolly pops a piece!
I up-cycled these faux grass pot plant thingys I had, which my cats decided to chew to bits! So the twisty sparkly things came with the previous luuurvely black faux pot plants my mother-in-law, God bless her, gave me last year for Christmas.
So, a black aluminum post I had laying around, set into a cube of polystyrene. On the top of the post, I glued a 100mm diameter polystyrene ball, which I painted red, cos it complimented the colour of the lolly pops. I poked holes into the ball with a bamboo skewer, at regular intervals all around the ball. Once the glue had set, fixing the ball to the post, I put a dot of glue at the end of all the lolly pops, and stuck them into the foam ball.
Once all that dried I filled in the gaps with black ribbon bits, I had attached to florists wire.

Chupachups, are pretty popular name-brand lollypop in Australia but you could use any ball type lollypop. These go for $1.00 a piece at stores, but I managed to score a bargain of 200 for just $15.00 by buying them online, cos they were in labelled in Chinese! Score!! I am the online Bargain Diva!

Kids went nutzoid when I gave them to them...the favorite Aunty rules again!!!

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